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I have been having so much fun teaching workshops in the last couple of years that I have decided to share the fun!

Be watching here for an ever growing list of workshop options for you to host in your own home, business, or church!

I have been having a blast making some fun workshop adventures for the artsy, or even the not so artsy, at heart.  I am getting more and more requests from people wanting to host a workshop in their own home, (or church, or business…). So I thought I would officially spell out the “Home Party Plan”. (This applies to my local central Kansas area.  If travel is required we will iron out the details!)

For my part, I bring all the supplies needed, prep all the examples, teaching materials, goody bags, etc.  In all my workshops I have five main goals for my participants:

  • learn a new technique
  • experience new tools and mediums
  • discover your inner artist
  • create a finished piece to take home

The individual hosting the workshop is responsible to provide the place for it to happen, advertise the event, register at least five participants (besides themselves), collect fees, and provide any optional snacks or refreshments.

The hostess will receive their own workshop participation at no charge plus free merchandise in an amount determined by the number of attendees.


The hostess chooses which workshop she would like to host from this list. When possible, I try to taylor the workshop to specific interests, holidays, etc.  For example at a late January 52 card pickup class, we used a Valentine theme and created cards that could be used as Valentines. At another 52 card pickup workshop, we used a “blessings” theme to create cards that could be left random places for others to find and be blessed by.


52 Card Pickup – in this workshop each participant paints, pastes, stencils and stamps a full deck of playing cards to create 52 Artist Trading Cards.  It works out perfectly that there are 52 weeks in a year, so there are all kinds of options for fun themes with these.

atc backgrounds

Pass the Art, Please… MUSICAL EASELS ….collaborative canvas or page – this is a super fun way to do an art journal page, or mixed media canvas.  At each step of the way you pass your piece to the next person to work on until the timer goes off again. By the end, you end up with your own original piece and have everyone’s contribution.  Very fun to see the direction these go!

20141113_204720  IMG_5345

Junk Journal – I have done this class for teens and adults alike.  It is a great way to make use of the loads of junk mail we get daily.  Instead of simply recycling, why not repurpose into a fun art journal?  In the workshop I show you how to piece pages together, we learn about signatures, and do a very simple binding technique.  We also cover how to use a junk journal.


Citra Solv Art Papers Level 1 and 2 – two sessions covering the basic process of altering National Geographic pages with Citra Solv concentrated cleaner, and then how to further alter those pages and use them in mixed media artwork.  This is my most popular class, and a fascinating technique!

citra solv page pack

“Mr. Bunny”

KIDS PAINT and COUPLES PAINT – these are no fail projects so kids, and those special someones, will come out feeling successful!  Endless possibilities here!  This could be a great birthday party, couples shower, graduation gift, …..

Themed classes for Valentines Day:

group IMG_4455

Reverse Painting – a cool technique where the background becomes your foreground.

Alternative Poppies watermark

“Birds at Midnight”

Art Journal 101 – getting started in an art journal.  The benefits, the most needed materials, and the process.  Includes examples, prompts, and lots of encouragement!


JUST TRY AND RESIST!  learn all kinds of ways to incorporate resists into you journals and artwork using a variety of mediums.


LETTERING – in this class you learn how to embellish your own hand writing to develop your own lettering style as well as tips and tricks on spacing, media, and more.

flyer complete  Nimoy copy

STAMP CARVING – I love using hand carved stamps in my artwork. In this class I introduce you to the choices of products and tools as well as the cheapest alternatives.  We cover basic techniques like transferring your pattern to the stamp, or making repeating stamps. You will have some hand carved stamps to take home and use in your own artwork, on cards, or in your art journal!

033  IMG_3198

LEATHER PAINTING – Here I will show you all the tips from my experience in painted leather purses, shoes, wallets, etc. Bring your own item to paint, or make it a cuff painting and metal stamping class!

featured photo cuffs painted

ASPENS – I love camping in Colorado, and love aspen groves!  In this class we will use palette knives, and some alternative materials to paint simple aspen trees.  Even the beginner can do this!

  Bright Aspen Day watermark

MIXED MEDIA ON THE CHEAP!  – This class goes over ways to keep the costs of mixed media supplies to a minimum. We cover making and “finding” stencils and stamps, shopping for supplies at dollar stores, and when it is better not to cut corners.  We will also spend some time making supplies to take home!

glue gun leaves  20141001_153514

Oh goodness, I know I am forgetting some!  I am sure I will be coming back later to add more to the list!  In the meantime, I hope this helps you get excited about hosting your own art party!

If you would like more information, or to schedule a class, contact me by email or on my facebook page.

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